Chloë Faces Fall

Playing fetch with Charlie

Playing fetch with Charlie

In Mike’s continuing effort to introduce my pal Charlie to Seattle’s best walking spots, the four of us trekked all the way down to the Discovery Park lighthouse last Sunday. This two-hour hike really wore me out, since we had to hustle all the way back, up the steepest part of the bluff, just so Mike and Charlie didn’t miss too much of a dumb baseball game on TV.  Nobody asked my opinion, of course. That hike was a long, quick climb for my stubby little legs to manage, especially since I was already tired from playing fetch many times along the way. One good place was on the lawn of the lighthouse keepers’ cottages, where we had never been allowed before. We had the fenced yard all to ourselves. There was a black-and-white boxer that stared at me from the other side of the chain link fence, licking his chops, but he never threatened to come inside. I saw him but avoided eye contact.

I once again refused to go anywhere near the gently lapping waves of Puget Sound, even though I realized this could be our last warm Sunday until spring. Everywhere we went last week I noticed sure signs of fall. Lots of huge spiders and huger spider webs, for instance; the one below was right next to our front door for about a week. (Good thing my Aunt Susie wasn’t visiting.)


Arachnophobia, anyone?

I also noticed the leaves on trees changing colors and eventually dropping to the ground. The sounds provide many distractions when I’m supposed to be concentrating on finding my ball. When the leaves get deeper on the ground, finding my ball will be more difficult.

Discovery Park in fall

Discovery Park in fall

The swiftly changeable weather patterns produced  dramatic, threatening skies all week. I even heard thunder a few times.

Storm clouds move in

Storm clouds move in

So I’m no genius, but I’ve been around here long enough now to know what’s coming next. Where’s MY Seattle Sombrero, for crying out loud?


Wet days are coming soon enough


One response to “Chloë Faces Fall

  1. I take umbrage with Chloe’s remarks about rushing back for the game. We were out a long time, even longer if not for the neighbor. On the climb back I had to pull her up the path. It was not until she smelled home and realized the finish line was close that she kicked it in. Who is that dog in the last photo

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