Chloë Switches Playmates

Charlie shows Chloë his new apartment.

Charlie shows Chloë his new apartment.

I have to admit that I’m feeling a little blue this week. My pal Charlie moved over to his own apartment last weekend. I had to stay home at our house during his actual move (for some reason unknown to me, since I’m sure I would have been a big help on furniture layout and overall decor). Mike, Heather and I went over for a visit later, and Charlie gave me a tour of the premises. The apartment has lots of carpet, which I like, but the pile is a bit bristly; great if you have an itch, but not as comfortable for sleeping as a softer carpet would be. I’d recommend Charlie put some area rugs on top of the carpet for me, but I don’t get the idea that home decorating is on the top of Charlie’s agenda.

Charlie and Chloë on Lake Washington

Charlie and Chloë on Lake Washington

I will miss having Charlie staying downstairs at our house. We took a lot of long walks on the weekends while he was there, because Mike and Heather were trying to show Charlie some good spots to walk, run and bike (Charlie is the fittest guy we know). Even more than that, while he was with us I had a third person in the house to play with and greet at the door every day. More dishes to lick, too, and more treats, of course. In fact, having Charlie around was almost as good as having my sitter Lynn here with me for a week. So I was sad to see Charlie go, but since he always calls me his “favorite Seattle dog,” I figure he will still come over to visit once in a while.

1-Chloe and Penny Lean In

Furry football fans

The same weekend Charlie was moving out, my dog friend Penny returned from her summer in the Adirondacks and came over to watch a Syracuse football game. We caught up on each other’s news (read, sniff each other’s butts) and exchanged orange collars and harnesses that our respective owners bought on separate summer sojourns to Marshall Street in Syracuse. Penny and I decided to wait for a more important game than this one with Central Michigan to model our new duds (SU won 40-3, so Central Michigan must be bad!). In the meantime, Penny ignored our summer apart and made herself right at home with my bed and toys. I can share.


4 responses to “Chloë Switches Playmates

  1. Ahhhh to be back with Chloe’s toys and Heathers treats and the SU crowd!

  2. Chloë – you are the ultimate hostess and buddy, Always so gracious and always so dachshund! It is a pleasure to learn from you. P.S. My Mom’s cats are now owned by my personal trainer Kim and her husband Stephen. When they travel I get the kitty-care. Recently they came back from a trip to Paris (France). They gave me a gift: a pink key chain with a svelte silhouette of a lady – in high heels – walking two well-behaved dachshunds, Nice, huh!

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