Chloë Gets a Hoot

Mr. Owl

Mr. Owl

A barred owl buzzed us again last week, and in practically the same spot in the park where it happened the last time. I think it was last spring, but I’m not sure.  This time, Mike had his camera. Heather thinks this was the same owl as last time, but Mike isn’t so sure. I like Heather’s story better.

The waiting is the hardest part

The waiting is the hardest part

As we approached, unaware of his presence, the owl left its perch and flew just above our heads and landed on a slightly higher branch. Then he stayed there for quite a while as we watched from below. Several other walkers, joggers and bikers passed underneath him, and he checked out all of them, pivoting his neck around with nothing but his eyes moving. He was still there when we got tired of sitting  around and walked away uphill.  He had clearly decided I was too heavy to carry away, especially with two brave bodyguards to protect me.

Heather took me back to that spot on our walk the next morning to see if he was still there, but Mr. Owl was no longer lurking in the vicinity. Based on the number of little critters that my nose detects around there, I expect he’ll be back.

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