Chloë Unearths Some Treats

No snoozing

No snoozing

Mike hit the road again to move his mom, meaning another stint at Heather’s office for me. Going to work with Heather always tires me out, because I don’t sleep all day like I do at home with Mike (until the mail slot clangs or UPS truck arrives). Perched on my chair behind Heather’s desk, however, I must be on guard all the time. People keep coming in to see her or leave things on her desk, even when she’s not there. Ergo, no snoozing allowed.

But everybody at Heather’s office seems to loves having me around. Sometimes they don’t come into Heather’s office to visit Heather, they come in to visit me– even people who work on the second floor! Cassandra, who seems to be in charge of everything in the office, must really like me, because she sent me about a dozen of the pumpkin treats she bakes for her own collie, Jasper. Spoilsport Mike cut each little pie into four pieces and put most of them in the freezer before he left, so Heather could dole out just a few at a time while he was away. I was hoping Heather would forget and give me all of them at once, but she  just forgot to take them out of the freezer in the first place, damn it.

Dachshund mobile

Dachshund mobile

Mike left me another gift before he left:  A dachshund mobile in the front yard. He and Heather like it. Me? I see a red dog, and I want to paint it black. I guess Mike wants to make it easier for the tourist bus drivers to pick out our house when they roll by, like having a map to the home of a Hollywood star.

Routing for field mice

Routing for field mice

A few days after Mike got back we spent a long weekend at my getaway home in eastern King County, taking care of the horses and dogs, old Tara and sedate Pumpkin. It wasn’t warm enough to lay out by the pool,  but Heather, Mike and I went on a long walk on Tiger Mountain, I chased mice in the horse pastures, and I almost got to scarf down part of an old bird carcass before Mike got it away from me. That’s why I like it out there: lots of stuff to sink your nose into.

Since the other two dogs can’t do much of anything active, I have to make my own fun.  On our last day there, however, I could tell Heather wasn’t feeling well, so I made it my duty to climb into a comfortable resting place between her legs and the back of the couch, under a couple of blankets, to make sure she was warm enough. Sometimes chillin’ works just fine for me.

2-Napping with Heather and Pumpkin

Chloë (left), napping with Heather and Pumpkin: Goodnight, you moonlight ladies.

2 responses to “Chloë Unearths Some Treats

  1. Chloe, you are such a good nursemaid. Good snuggling. i get your attraction to “all things naturally stinky.” It just makes me want to rethink the kisses you share – considering where else your face has been. Just a thought….

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