Chloë Gets a Hail from the Chief

Fan mail

Fan mail

The letter surprised Mike at first. After all, it was addressed to me, it was clearly from President Barack Obama, and it was stamped “PERSONAL.”

I allowed Mike to open it and read it to me, and then the President’s agenda was apparent.

“Chloë (as you can see, Barack and I are on a first-name basis), I’m writing you today because I need your help to insure our vision wins, ” my pal wrote. “For the sake of the nation and its future, we cannot afford to allow the Republicans to continue their hold on Congress and continue to obstruct the progress we so desperately need.

“We can’t wait until it’s too late to fight back,” he continued in a later paragraph. “We need you on board. Can I count on you?”

How could I say no?

And so, I am hereby volunteering to go to Washington, D.C., and meet with Barack’s Portuguese water dogs, Bo and Sunny, whom I’m certain aren’t getting the attention and exercise they deserve. I think they are about the right size and temperament for me to run around with, and while we’re having fun I can also be teaching them a thing or two about diplomacy. I would toughen them up a little, too; they seem kind of soft and sheepish to me.

Bo, left and Sunny, the Obama family dogs, on the South Lawn of the White House, Aug. 19, 2013.

Bo, left and Sunny, the Obama family dogs, on the South Lawn of the White House (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza).


Did any of my loyal readers really think I was going to wipe away my tears, open Mike’s wallet and mail some cash to the President? Sorry, not for a midterm election. I’m planning to save all my chips for Hillary in 2016. She’s got a dog, too. And I’m not counting Bill.

Then, not more than a day later, Mike showed me another letter that arrived in the mail addressed to me.

Envelope from Hillary support group

Envelope from Hillary support group


It didn’t come from Hillary, actually, but rather from some other people who are Ready for Hillary. They just want to know that I’m ready, too, and if I’m really ready, “send the most generous gift that you can possibly afford.”

Am I ready? Heck, don’t I look ready?

Ready for anything

Ready for anything

4 responses to “Chloë Gets a Hail from the Chief

  1. I only ever get mail from the DCCC, so you must rate highly in the President’s political cadre, Chloë! Or maybe he doesn’t care much for cats…. hmm…

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