Chloë Has a Red-Letter Week

Chloë's Fairy Godmother

Chloë’s Fairy Godmother

I had a rough time the week Heather went away to a meeting. Separation anxiety hit me harder than usual, a testament to how closely I’m bonded with Heather, even though she’s much tougher on me than Mike is. It’s a girl thing.

My mood improved as soon as Heather got back.  And my positive attitude paid off: All of a sudden, my buddy Lynn arrived to take care of Grace, the goldendoodle who lives next door. I knew she had arrived as soon as I sniffed her car in the driveway. That scent always means good times for me.  I started whimpering the second Lynn’s voice verified her presence in Grace’s house.

Grace on her patio.

Grace on her patio.

And if having Heather back AND having Lynn next door weren’t good enough, there was even more excitement: Ron and Cathy arrived from Juneau for a few nights. One afternoon I showed Ron the difference between fetching and playing catch. He seemed genuinely impressed.

Ron and Cathy view the Olympics

Ron and Cathy view the Olympics.

It was really sunny and warm while Ron and Cathy were here, so before dinner everybody sat outside on the back deck. Normally I don’t really like being out there so much: The spaces between the floor boards make me nervous. But this time, being out there was fine, because I was able to pick up Lynn’s scent as soon as her car hit the driveway, and my nose started twitching and pointing up toward the sky. I hope Lynn’s car windows are open, so she can hear my squeals.

I didn’t see that much of Lynn during the week, not that I didn’t sit by the front door of our house and cry to be let out. Mike took me next door for one visit in Grace’s courtyard patio, and Lynn came over to our house for a long visit the night before Grace’s family returned. I got to sit on the living room couch with Lynn for a long cuddle. The next day, Lynn’s car was gone and normalcy returned, at least for a while.



2 responses to “Chloë Has a Red-Letter Week

  1. Gracie is fortunate to have a “big sister” living so nearby – you show her by your fine skills the “benefits” of good behavior. It was swell seeing you and your humans while I stayed next door. I may be back at Gracie’s house (& Mollie & Finn) in August. Cheers.

  2. Carol Eisenberg

    Penny says you had a way too stressful week. Can always come and stay with me. We just walk to the library park. Kick the ball around and sometimes head it and watch the Mariner games!
    Tell Heather she has to stay home more.

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