Chloë Does Port Townsend in the Rain

We went over to Port Townsend last weekend, but this time I didn’t have as much fun as in the past. Why? Let me count the ways.

First of all, we didn’t go on the ferry, and I like the smells on the ferry. Instead, we drove around the Sound and over the Narrows Bridge, and both times we crossed it was raining so hard we could barely see anything.

The rain didn’t stop. Then they made me  hike in that rain.

On the wet trail

On the wet trail

And they made me face the wrath of raging rivers.

Fording Big Creek

Fording Big Creek

And worst of all, they made me sit in the back seat of the car, not in the lap of the person in the front passenger’s seat. What nerve! For spite, I refused to go to sleep back there.  I just sat up and stared at Mike all the time we were driving. Every time he turned around, there I was, looking at him.

Resting in her room

Resting in her room

By the time we got to our hotel room, all that hiking and staying awake had made me dog-tired, so I had a nice nap with Hurby. Although Mike and Heather went to a couple of restaurants (making me wait in the car, of course), from my vantage point the snuggling I got in with Hurby and Heather was the highlight of the trip. No doubt about the low one:  It was when Heather stopped short in the REI parking garage, and my head slammed into the dashboard of the car.  It serves me right for sitting on Mike’s lap in the front seat, I guess.

Regardless, come next February I’m going to lobby for going someplace other than Port Townsend. Arizona sounds much better to me. Warmer. Drier. I’ll even volunteer to sit in the back seat of the car the whole way.

One response to “Chloë Does Port Townsend in the Rain

  1. whew! You really look thoroughly soaked in the “wet trails” photo. I am glad that Hurby got to ride along for company. You may have noticed the sun has been out in the greater Seattle area. So maybe next year the sun will rise for your Port Townsend annual trip. Hugs.

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