Chloë Digs in for the Holidays

I could tell the holidays were winding down when I didn’t hear the UPS truck roar by as often. For at least two weeks, my UPS Guy brought that truck around so often that I was leading Mike around the neighborhood on our afternoon walks instead of into the park. That way I could search a broader area for extra UPS sightings, and I was being rewarded with surprising frequency. One day we stumbled upon his big brown truck well on the other side of Magnolia Boulevard — and as soon as my guy saw me, he tossed me two biscuits, which is one more than he gives most dogs he meets on his route. He calls me “Killer.”

 Eagle on snag

Eagle on snag

Before the stockings and holiday toys went back into hiding, I had a good time around here doing my favorite things: taking walks (we saw an eagle) and hanging around the house watching TV, reading and doing pretty much nothing, with occasional  treats thrown in for me. Heather finally forked over the doggie pastry (carrots and cheese, and shaped liked a burger!) that her co-worker Jamie had sent my way as a gift (Thank YOU!). I scarfed it down in under 10 seconds, so quickly that Mike had no chance of getting a blog photo of me looking at it. Therefore, I’m with Oliver Twist: Can I have some more?

Inhaling doggie pastry treat

Inhaling a doggie pastry treat

Bedtime reading

Bedtime reading

I also had to spend a lot of time guarding Heather, who wasn’t feeling all that great for a few days. I could tell that I needed to measure the regularity of her breathing, so I glommed onto her as closely as possible and stayed there except for meals or when Mike forced me go out for a walk. When we got back, it was right back to my post.

In fact, the only time Heather and I stopped watching Law & Order: SVU and NCIS reruns and left the bedroom was when Heather’s sister Sammy came to visit. Since Sammy had made a 12-hour ferry-and-driving trek all the way down from Powell River, B.C., I guess Heather felt compelled to show her a good time.  We had fun going on walks (especially to the Arboretum) and riding around in the car, and we also watched movies in front of the downstairs fireplace, which is always a fine activity as far as I’m concerned.

Even though I could tell Sammy was not that  much of a dog person, I know I can eventually win her over with my obedience and cuteness compared to other dogs. She was already coming around to acceptance towards the end of her visit, and posing for our photo was a significant step in the right direction. She’ll no doubt become a regular follower of my exciting adventures before she knows what hit her.

Chloë fools around with Sammy and antler.

Chloë fools around with Sammy and antler.


2 responses to “Chloë Digs in for the Holidays

  1. love the picture of Sam&Chloe

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