Chloë Demonstrates the Difference Between Fetch and Catch

Oh boy, it’s been a chilly week around here! Made a bit chillier with the absence of my biggest warmers, Mike and Heather. Luckily, Lynn is with me to snuggle inside, and she even brought out my sweater for our walks.

There’s a lot to tell you about this Big Chill, but I need some more time to organize my thoughts. In the meantime, I can share a couple of videos that illustrate a key component of my exercise routine: the differences between two of my favorite games, fetch and catch.

As I’ve noted before, afternoon walks have become more of an overall athletic experience. Walking is still part of it — actually power walking is how I’d describe it. Except when I’m nosing every blade of grass or simply flopping on the trail. But walking is but the prelude and denouement of my routine. The main part consists of two other, somewhat related activities: fetch (running after and retrieving the ball for the thrower) and catch (catching or tracking down a ball and pitching it back to the thrower.

I know it’s all pretty confusing to someone who isn’t there (and I think I might be distracted by a live audience, anyhow). Instead, I had Mike take these videos of me in action. First we’ll see fetch. Note my speed, agility and ability to find the ball despite visual obstacles.

When I get tired of fetching the ball and bringing it back, I just drop it at the point furthest away from the thrower and lie down until the thrower finally walks to me, picks up the ball and throws it toward the downhill portion of what I like to call “Chloë’s Lane.” Here the thrower goes to the bottom of the hill and throws the ball towards me. Sometimes I catch it, and sometimes it goes over my head or bounces off to the sides of the trail. But wherever it goes, I retrieve it, bring it back to my “pitcher’s mound,” and let it go, leading it via brain waves down the slope and back to the thrower’s hand. Then repeat. And repeat. And repeat.

There you go. Hope that clears it up for everybody. See you when the temperature rises and I get out from under the covers.

9 responses to “Chloë Demonstrates the Difference Between Fetch and Catch

  1. Chloe, I think their game of catch is actually your version of fetch. They just aren’t onto it yet. Keep it up! U.B.

  2. Chloe – you have me trained! I laugh out loud at your indoor ball antics, especially the catch and toss routine. Your agility and speed with soccer-pro style moves is primo. And, the athletic efforts shown by the occasional stop at the water bowl to maintain proper hydration just confirms your discipline. Whoa – got to go. Just received the alert that the UPS guy (with the big cookies) is in the neighborhood. Cheers!

  3. That’s one smart, fast-moving’, dog!

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