Chloë Tires Herself Right Out

For the first time in my life, I felt plum tuckered out. Last Saturday morning Penny came over for another Syracuse football game, but this time everybody stayed until the very end. When it was finally over,  I heard more loud cursing after this close loss then there had been during the blowout game the week before.  However, this meant that Penny was here for four hours, much more time for going to the park and various indoor activities, like wrestling. This is fun.


Then the next day we got together with my brothers Frank and Stanley for a walk in the park. The boys weren’t nearly as much fun as they used to be. They were more interested in chasing their own ball (too large for my dainty lips) and meeting up with other dogs than they were in playing with me. They know I’m just too quick for them, I suppose. And too smart for them,  if you ask me. So I wore them out by taking them all the way down to the Daybreak Star viewpoint and back. They were huffing and puffing by the time we got back to their car. They deserved it; their posture below is typical of their attitude all day.

Frank and Stan have left the building.

Frank and Stan have left the building.


However, even an Olympic-level athlete like me was tired on Monday and Tuesday. Mike wanted us home early from our afternoon walk anyway, so he could pace around and watch basketball games, and I was happy to comply, cutting short our walks so I could get back in the rack before dinner. After all, I needed to rest up for Thanksgiving, which as I recall is my favorite holiday. I wonder why?

Gobble, gobble

Gobble, gobble

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