Chloë Welcomes Guests to Her Getaway

Tara and Heather

Tara and Heather

Heather, Mike and I spent a whole week out at my mountain-view getaway, and it was great fun even when my pal Tara was making life difficult for me. Besides her usual growling and interference with my playtime (Mike throws ball, Chloë chases ball, Tara chases Chloë), she started making me jealous by playing up to Heather, who likes Tara a little too much for my comfort. Just check out the way Tara’s looking at her! And that’s after Heather brushed her, too, which Tara hates. Makes me sick! The things I tolerate for the sake of her age (Tara, not Heather).

It was stormy for the first few days, really stormy. The tall  trees were swaying and rain poured off the roof in sheets. But on Sunday afternoon Mike and Heather donned their rain gear and we went walking around in Fall City and by Snoqualmie Falls, which was really gushing.

Snoqualmie Falls

Snoqualmie Falls

Chloe Throttles Rattling Santa

Chloë throttles Rattling Santa.

Besides that, we stuck close to the house, so I spent most of my time bugging Mike to play with me and pulling the stuffing out of Rattling Santa.

The weather got much nicer out the last couple of days we were there, and on the last day Penny and her pack came out to watch a Syracuse football game on TV. Guess what? SU lost.

Still, I got to play with Penny (when Tara would let us alone) and took everyone on a short tour of the grounds. Penny even went to see the horses up close, but I’ve been there, done that. Besides, since large dogs scare me, there’s no way I’m going near one of those horses.

Penny Meets Corrie

Penny meets Corrie

Other than in the immediate barn area, I was happy to show Penny all the piles of horse shit and the many slugs that I encounter every day on these premises while prowling for mice. (Heather, afraid of bobcat and coyote attacks, has kept me on a tight leash the whole time.) I was hoping Penny would stay for dinner and a longer walk, but she had to leave after the game to keep an eye on Stella and her pack back in the city. That’s OK. Every dog needs a job to do. I know I have mine.

Lounging on the lawn

Lounging on the lawn

2 responses to “Chloë Welcomes Guests to Her Getaway

  1. Chloë you look queenly in that pose! Atta gal!

  2. Ditto to Bill’s comment – positively regal! What a grand adventure for all.

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