Chloë Welcomes Old Friends Back to Town

It was a big week for reunions.

With George and Debbie

With George and Debbie

My Alaskan friends George and Debbie overnighted near the airport on their way to ride a canal boat in France. Mike and Heather picked them up at their hotel and took them out to dinner, and I got to ride along with them in the car so they could tell their dogs Bob and Max just how cute I continue to be.

They insisted on taking a picture, and although it’s not the usual “Chloë  Visitor Portrait” shot, it’s the best we could do in the parking lot of their favorite Thai restaurant.  And did I get anything for posing? No, sir, I had to wait in the car alone while they ate crispy garlic chicken and larb, and I didn’t even get a goodbye treat (the bag in Mike’s glove compartment was empty, if you can believe it!).

Watching football

Watching football with Penny

I did better the next Saturday, when the whole Syracuse gang arrived for football. Penny came over, too, back from her summer in the Adirondacks and full of piss and vinegar. We got to take a long walk at halftime and did a lot of wrasslin’ and chasing each other during the game, along with naps. Penny gave me a present, an SU bandanna just like hers, direct from Marshall Street in Syracuse. We wore our flags proudly, but soon the game got pretty dull, since it quickly became an Orange blowout. All the fans agreed, however, that in this kind of situation it’s always better to  be the blow-er than the blow-ee.

Let's Nap, Orange!

Let’s Nap, Orange!


4 responses to “Chloë Welcomes Old Friends Back to Town

  1. I’m glad Chloë mentioned, Larb. I have a recipe or two on schedule to create using dried shiitake or maitake mushrooms and ferment it for the world. Maybe I’ll name it Chlarbë!

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