Chloë Labors On

Guarding the mail room.

Guarding the mail room.

I’ve been to Heather’s office twice lately, neither time for very long, and it wasn’t too much fun either time. Heather was too busy working to take me around on a tour of the place, which was disappointing since many of her co-workers keep treats in their desks. Usually many of them bring their dogs to the office, too, but I didn’t run into any other dogs either time. Oh well, their loss.

While these office visits weren’t too exciting, just getting away from Mike for a few hours is always nice, and I get to do a lot of work while I’m there.  “A dog is happiest when it has a job to do,” Heather always says. My job in her office is mostly being Heather’s personal bodyguard when people barge into her office because they need her to do something. This happens a lot, but they are distracted when they see me there. I like it better when I get to help Heather run the copying machine and distribute important memos to her staff (see above). Communications is my strong suit, so Heather and I frequently confer about fine-tuning her wording on sensitive personnel and statistical decisions.

Heather makes a point.

My newly developed work ethic has extended to my walks the park. After I noticed Mike’s interest in a cordoned-off area of mulch piles just past our Adopt-an-Area, I stationed myself in front of the yellow tape to make sure no one tries to get in there. I have been highly successful, and not one person has been stung under my watch.

Keep out on Chloë's watch.

Guarding the infested mulch.


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