Chloë Finds Treasure

Usually the part of my daily walk from our house to my favorite fetch location is not all that exciting. I like to sniff around at the park entrance to see who has signed the guest book, take care of my toileting needs, check the chapel area for anything that may have fallen from picnic tables and then hurry across the parade ground to the secret spot where I can chase that ball. That’s pretty much all I want to do these days. Mike is worried he’ll need Tommy John surgery on his throwing arm.

But the other day when we hit the parade ground, something caught my nose and stopped me in my tracks.

Chloe's Treasure 1

I moved in quickly for a closer look. What could it be?

Chloe's Treasure 2

One deep sniff was all I needed for confirmation. YES! It was a plastic baggie containing four Milk Bone biscuits (medium), each a different flavor. Just sitting there, waiting for me. I wasted no time getting my snout in the bag and chomping.

Chloe's Treasure 4

I ate them so fast that they were gone by the time Mike’s camera was ready to take their picture. But to me, however, not forgotten.  I think of that wonderful discovery every time we pass the spot where I found it, making sure to crane my neck and turn up my nose to check again, just in case.


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