Chloë Segways into Summer

I had lots more to tell about my recent vacation, but ever since Mike got back he has been too busy with something he refers to sarcastically as “real jobs” to do my typing – as if anything could possibly take precedence over doing my work. He’ll learn, eventually. But he finally squeezed out enough time to resume transcription of my gripping narrative.

Guarding the sidewalk

Guarding the sidewalk

There was just one thing to report on the home front. Although Lynn was too quick for me to get away from her and race after them, I definitely detected new cat, squirrel and raccoon activity around our house. The ripening plums on the tree next door at Grace’s house attracts critters, although I tried those plums and I don’t see what all the fuss is about. I thought they were chewy and not sweet enough. To top it off, one of the coons tried to bite Grace, the Labradoodle puppy who lives next door. She luckily got away unscathed, but I may have to bring up the current raccoon invasion for discussion at our block party next week.

The best part of the vacation was my trip with Lynn to downtown Seattle. Mike and Heather never take me there, apparently wanting to shield me from the lures and dangers of city life beyond Magnolia Village.

Downtown Seattle

Downtown Seattle

But Lynn had errands downtown, and I got to go along. We drove there in her car with the windows rolled down slightly , so I could smell everything we passed, which was a lot of stuff.  My first “wow” was when the monorail flew above us while we waited for a traffic light to change. My eyes got really big as I tried to figure out what it was; a giant snail that flies? Then a  horse-drawn carriage stopped next to my window, and I could smell the horse and hear it snorting and chomping on its bit – all safely behind the slightly opened window, of course.  I just laid low.

Later on, a Ride the Ducks boat full of tourists whizzed through an intersection and cut in front of Lynn’s car. The manic driver. dressed in an outrageously colored hat, was singing, loudly and out of tune, and all the tourists were singing along. I realize that these tourists have gone to great expense to come to Seattle to see me, but I wish they wouldn’t embarrass themselves on my account. If they just bring treats, I’ll like them fine.

ATMAfter we parked the car,  Lynn took me to an ATM, another first for me. If getting money is this easy, I thought, do I really need Mike? But I got impatient. There were two people ahead of us, and I kept trying to go to the head of the line. Luckily, our fellow “liners” thought I was cute (but come to think of it, how could they feel otherwise?). Then Lynn told me to do a down-stay on the (thankfully) cool sidewalk, and our fellow “liners” told Lynn that I performed magnificently. That made Lynn give me a cookie as a reward, as I had planned all along.



When it was finally Lynn’s turn at the ATM, just at that instant a family on Segway scooters whizzed around the corner, some riders more agile than others and all of them looking very threatening to me. Not knowing quite what to make of it, I slid my butt closer to Lynn and looked for some assurance that she would never try to make me ride on one of those things.

While I’m glad I got some downtown socialization with Lynn, by the time this vacation was over I was really looking forward to getting my real pack together again. One day I admitted to Lynn that it’s just not the same when Mike and Heather are gone, except maybe at meal time, when it’s better. I was feeling all warm and cuddly, in fact, when Mike showed me this picture from the vacation shots he was editing. This was taken at the house in Syracuse where they were staying with their friends Stan, Laurie and Nathan, and their two cats, Dinah and Mingus.

Heather and Mike with Mingus

Heather and Mike with Mingus

I think Mike is not-too-subtly trying to convince me that all cats are not evil monsters that must be stalked and ultimately eviscerated. He wants me to tolerate, if not exactly befriend, our neighborhood cats such as Coon Cat and the Bartons’ new kittens, Ted (the black one) and Fred (short for Frederika, a tuxedo). Sorry, Mike, I am just not buying it. There’ll be no such detente around here, not as long as I have anything to say about it.


One response to “Chloë Segways into Summer

  1. Any cat named Mingus is worth getting to know, Chloe!

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