Chloë Vacations in Style

A relaxing afternoon on the deck.

A relaxing afternoon on the deck.

Normally vacations with Lynn are like a pampered trip to the spa for me,  but this time Lynn’s goal seems to be keeping me tired and svelte with frequent walks and ball time.  Since it has been hot,  we’ve been playing ball in the park before breakfast. Even Mike never works me this  hard! Even though she has seen my videos, Lynn was amazed at how well I fetch and find the ball in the tall grass. Lynn isn’t a very good thrower,  but if she keeps up this pace all vacation, her arm is bound to improve .

Sleeping on a rock

Sleeping on a rock

One day Lynn took me to Magnolia’s new dog park! I was trying not to be intimidated by the dogs of many sizes, but I wasn’t exactly oozing confidence. There was one young male French bulldog I thought might be a good buddy, but after we chased and sniffed a while, he ran off with a Dalmatian with super long legs. Hard for me to match that, especially after they shared  a yellow tennis ball.  After this dose of reality, I decided I would rather sit back and watch. It’s what I do best.

Chloë retrieves her Visi-Ball.

Chloë retrieves her Visi-Ball.

Lynn also took me on field trips to her townhouse and for an overnight at Kiki’s house. At her house I met her long-time neighbor cat Leo, a 12-year-old male orange kitty with freckles on his nose. I would have taken care of him quickly, except that both of us (!) were restrained by retractable leashes, so hissing and barking and some mutual body puffing were as aggressive as we got.  Then Leo flopped down on his side, relaxed and made occasional chirping noises; I suspected he was trying to con me, so I hung back in my Sphinx position, vigilant, alert and ready to pounce. I stayed that way until we left. Leo and I will just leave things there until next time.

Chloë and Kiki looking for trouble.

Chloë and Kiki looking for trouble.

We stayed over at Kiki’s house the Sunday night after the 4th of July. I started out a bit grouchy from sleep interruptions from firecrackers in the park, but as soon as I went out for a walk with Kiki and Lynn my bile started oozing away like a slug. I was fascinated by a motorboat I saw ping-ponging around the Sound. It was a lot smaller and quicker than one of those ferries we ride on, and it could do circles in the water. Now I’m really looking forward to my first on-the-water experience.

When we got back to Kiki’s home, my nose detected that there might be hidden treasures upstairs. I snuck off when Lynn was paying attention to Kiki, and after a short search, sure enough I found two marrow bones, centers intact, under daughter Celeste’s corner desk.  When Lynn finally found me, she thought I was just looking for a quiet place to snooze, so she tossed an over-sized beach towel at me to snuggle with. I  growled, however, and then the jig was up.  I’ve never seen Lynn that mad; it must have been the growling that did it. Luckily, she let me off my “time out” after just five minutes, and gave Kiki and me sweet potato dog treats. I guess I’m back in her good graces.

The next day when we went back to my house, a UPS package was on the porch with two big biscuits on top.  What could be better than UPS cookies? Then an email arrived from Mike and Heather with a photo of them hiking with…another dog? How dare they have any fun without me. I’ll give them a hard time when they return…for a few minutes, and then I’ll give them sweet potato treats and wet kisses. I am missing them, despite their transgressions.

Mike, Heather, Roland and Bella on the Old Erie Canal


2 responses to “Chloë Vacations in Style


    I hope they have dog friendly movie theaters in seattle. Chloe tell your boss to see future folk. Opens in caffeine city today

    Rough to you too

  2. Chloe,
    Thanks for lending Mike and Heather to CNY. Otherwise I never would have had the pleasure of running into them at the Wegman’s parking lot yesterday.
    Arty Lake

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