Chloë Gets Back to Her Routine

Heather and I (otherwise known as Mikey’s girls) had lots of fun while Mike was out of town. More fun than Mike did after Syracuse lost at the Final Four, judging from this photo.

Bill Cavanagh and Mike at the Final Four.

Bill Cavanagh and Mike at the Final Four after Syracuse’s defeat.

Heather tells everybody that my quality of life slips substantially when she’s in charge, but from my standpoint that’s simply not the case.  With Heather running the show, I get more to eat, enjoy many more treats every day, play more fetch, and go to her office almost every day (with more treats from co-workers). This time, I also spent some quality time with my friend Lynn, got together for a little wrasslin’ with my dog pals Kiki and Penny (not at the same time, thank goodness), and I even got to sit in on all of Heather’s meetings! So who needs Mike to have a good time?

Even so, I admit I was glad to see Mike when we picked him up at the airport. Heather doesn’t allow my morning tackle and all the nose-biting that Mike does. I made sure to get in several of those nose nibbles on Mike when he got into the car before he knew what hit him. Mike is much better at Whiffie and tug, too, and Heather can be tough when it comes to staying and walking in my”sweet spot.” With Mike, I can get away with anything.

Things pretty much got right back into our regular routine right away, although I had a momentary scare when I saw Mike throw his suitcase up on his bed yesterday. I had to jump up on Mike and drag him down to the mattress so he couldn’t open the bag, but it turned out to be a false alarm: He was unpacking the suitcase, not putting stuff in. Which is  just the way I like it.

Mike is rusty, however. Today on our walk, he forgot to bring my Visi-Ball. I had to chase a damn stick instead. And gnaw on it for a while, of course.

Chewing a stick.

Chewing a stick.


One response to “Chloë Gets Back to Her Routine

  1. Awe – such a sweet life…. hugs from Lynn.

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