Chloë Loves March Madness

Chloë does the Big Dance.

Chloë does the Big Dance.

I ripped up my NCAA Tournament bracket sheet last night. Actually, Mike put it into the recycled paper bin, and I kind of chewed it up a little while I was routing out a tasty bit of candy wrapper. See, like a lot of Northwesterners, I got sucked in by Gonzaga’s successful season and picked the Bulldogs to win it all. This is absolutely the last time I make a pick based on a dog mascot. Those picks have turned out to be dogs, all right. So when Syracuse trounced Indiana last night, that pretty much eliminated my sheet from contention in Heather’s office pool. Even Heather is beating me, for crying out loud; that’s when I knew it was over.

Chloë and Penny follow the Orange

Chloë and Penny follow the Orange

Regardless of how their tournament backets are doing, all my people pals are  excited because Syracuse is still in it, much to their surprise. That means my good pal and wrestling tag team partner Penny will be coming over to watch games with me on Saturday. Apparently our house has been designated as the one with the “lucky” TV for March Madness. I just don’t understand these people: They  all claim to be of above-average intelligence and hold advanced college degrees, and yet they subscribe to these weird sports rituals. Personally, what I get excited about during these games is the increased likelihood that small pieces of food will fall to the floor in my presence. And wrestling with Penny is fun…for a while. Even if she did get a really bad haircut.

Chloë and Penny

Chloë and Penny


2 responses to “Chloë Loves March Madness

  1. Everyone loves March Madness, especially last night in DC. GO O! And now on to the final four. I wore my Syracuse U sweatshirt when shopping in Georgetown today. I got a lot of glares but oh so worth it!

    I adore Chloe’s Diary! They are always the highlight of my day when I receive them! Thanks Mike!

    Warm regards, Bill

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  2. Chloe, Heather + Mike – You and your antics do make my day, too! Chloe you are so critical about other dog’s hair (e.g. Penny, Kiki, etc.). They’re the ones that have to live with it; and your the one that has lovely long flowing – and well behaved locks. It’s just not fair. I wore a bulldog necklace for the “Zags” on the day they lost. (I taught dance class at G Prep and had to auditionfor the Jesuits.)

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