Chloë Survives the Big East

I’m not sure who approached Mike’s week in New York with more trepidation, Heather or I.  Heather has taken care of me solo before, but not for that long a time. Would she be able to handle it?

Walking in Discovery Park

Walking in Discovery Park

The day Mike left, my pal Lynn stayed with me because Heather was on the last day of a big corporate powwow in Philadelphia. But Heather came back that same night, so Lynn went home, leaving Heather in charge of me all by herself for the rest of the week. I now realize it has been a good thing for Heather to get lots of that management experience at her office, because it came in handy. She did a pretty good job with me, I must admit.

While we certainly expected that things would slack off on Heather’s watch, my quality of life did not decline significantly after Mike’s departure. I really have few complaints, in fact. Meal scheduling  may have been a bit irregular, but Chef Heather made up for it with ample portions, even putting extra kibble in my Kong for dessert. When she ran out of veggies, she gave me some of her salad instead – with dressing! She didn’t let me sleep in bed with her, but she groomed me almost every day. Mike told me he was impressed with her performance, which is high praise indeed.
Heading for home

Heading for home

Heather provided plenty of activities, too.  We didn’t go on any long walks like I get with Mike, but I got plenty of exercise fetching my ball. I also spent a couple of  days at  Heather’s office, much like when Mike and Heather used  to go to work with their dads when they were on a school break. Lots of people came into Heather’s office to see me holding court in my canvas chair, and I had frequent dog interaction with Shasta, Cash, Jake and even grumpy Tara, who all came to the office on the days that I was there. We all got along fine. Heather took me on an elevator excursion each day to explore the upstairs, but unfortunately the big room where we used to throw my ball is now off-limits, being renovated to sublet to a new tenant. Luckily, Heather figured out that the grassy path between her office building and the one next to it is perfect for playing fetch, and each day she threw the ball for me about 30 minutes.  That tuckered me out sufficiently that I was happy to nap until we were ready to go home. Even with Daylight Savings Time, it was already dark when that finally happened.

On Saturday, after Heather got a haircut, we walked in Ravenna Park north of the university. This park was new to me, and  I loved it.  I saw about a dozen squirrels and met about a half-dozen new dogs, all friendly.  Heather and I walked for at least an hour.  After we did some grocery shopping, we went over to Penny’s house to watch the basketball game on TV that Mike was attending in New York. Heather even managed to make a salad to take with us; I’m not sure that I have ever see her make something in the kitchen before, so that was exciting. At Penny’s house I didn’t watch the game very closely, but I could tell that our team was not doing well.  I realized Mike would have a long trip back and might be even grumpier than Tara when he finally got to the airport in Seattle.
Chillin' on the wall

Chillin’ on the wall

Not to worry, however. When Mike got into Heather’s car, I jumped right into his lap in the front seat, and he seemed really glad that I was wiggling around and biting his nose all the way to downtown.  Staying home with Heather in charge was cool for a couple of days, but, truth be told, life is much less stressful when the whole pack is together – and I’m the one in charge.


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