Chloë Returns to Port

Chloe and Smiley-003

Chloë and Smiley

I enjoyed my first trip to Port Townsend two years ago so much, I decided to take Mike and Heather there again for my third birthday. This time was almost as good, the only disappointment being that on this visit our hotel didn’t have a lobby; I missed being able to strut through several times a day and receive compliments and treats every time. This hotel was a little noisier, too, and I had to deliver a lot of quick warning barks over the weekend to let everyone know that I heard something. Nobody is sneaking in on my watch. Not with me and my pal Smiley on duty.

On the Upper Big Quilcene Trail

On the Upper Big Quilcene Trail

During the day we went hiking at a couple of places that used to be forts in World War II, just like Discovery Park was. But these parks were much woodsier than our park, with more real animals running about that needed chasing. I did my part to make sure no humans were threatened by any of them.

On one of the days away we drove deep into the national forest and hiked in some very tall woods. To me, any sword fern might as well be a Sequoia, but even I can tell that the trees where we hiked are a lot bigger than the ones I normally see. I like to stick closer to Mike and Heather when we go on trails like this one.  Some of those drops over the side look pretty steep.

Subaru on the Upper Big Quilcene Trail

Big trees

No ball playing is allowed on those trails, according to Mike and Heather. Luckily, we also found plenty of wide, flat trails on those former military bases, so we had some good games of fetch, and then we found out that the abandoned structures called gun batteries made great amphitheaters for a spirited game. Check out my video;  as usual, Mike screwed up the sound, but his camera technique actually seems to be improving. Hard to believe, I know.

I had few complaints. I had to sleep inside my travel crate all weekend, of course, and I wasn’t supposed to get on the furniture in the hotel at all. But on the second afternoon after I ate my dinner, Heather put a couple of towels on the bed and let me snuggle with her while she took a nap.  I loved the hiking and the ferry ride, but for me, that nap was the highlight of the weekend. All three of us had a great time, but there’s no doubt my time was the best.

Chloë relaxes in her room.

Chloë relaxes in her room.


One response to “Chloë Returns to Port

  1. Chloe – Your ball retrieval technique – drop it close to Heather, but start running in anticipation for the next toss – had me chuckling. You are one smart girl. Glad you got in a nap or two after the swell exercise. Hugs. lc

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