Chloë Takes a Walk in the Park

After one of the recent Syracuse basketball games (I forget which one, but they must have lost that day because Mike was cranky), we went for a walk in the Richmond Beach Park with Carol and Penny. There’s a big grassy area at the top of the bluff, and we threw the ball there for a while. That’s not a lot of  fun for Penny, because she can’t get her mouth around the ball very well. I was feeling a little sorry for her, so I gave her my leash and let her lead me around for a while, like she’s the boss,  so maybe she’ll gain a little self-confidence. I try to be patient with her, really, but she’s got a lot to learn.

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One response to “Chloë Takes a Walk in the Park

  1. Chloe – you are always so very considerate of others. I am sure letting Penny lead will add a lot to her confidence. (We all know who is in charge – really.) Happy New Year little one. Lynn

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