Chloë Sends Holiday Wishes

Heather’s office had a holiday lunch at the swanky Dahlia Lounge downtown,  but the holiday party here in the office of Mike Greenstein Writing & Editing consisted of Mike opening a can of tuna fish and letting me lick out the empty can (after  smoothing the edge, of course; and I admit it was pretty good).

Chloë surveys Mike's holiday lights

Chloë surveys Mike’s holiday lights

I’m sure Santa will be leaving me some goodies, though.  Long before it snowed today (not for long, though),  I could tell Christmas was coming soon because Mike hung up his one strand of lights in the living room. The guy goes all out on the decorations, doesn’t her? For some reason, he hasn’t hung up our stockings yet; I assume it’s because mine will be so laden with toys, rawhide chewies and biscuits that it would be too heavy to hang on a thumb tack by the chimney.

In fact, I’ve already gotten a couple of early presents. My friend Lynn dropped off cookies while Mike and I were out walking in the rain one day, but Mike won’t let me have any of them until Christmas. On the other hand, after Heather lost two more of my purple-and-white balls in the underbrush in the park (and tried to blame one on me, no less!), Mike gave me one of my Christmas presents early: a new ball, called a Firefly, from the same company that makes the Visi-Ball. Here I am carrying it in the photo below. You can see that when light shines on it or its internal bulb is blinking, it resembles the Visi-Ball in color. And it feels like one, too.

Chloë with Firefly ball

Chloë with Firefly ball

Chasing the Firefly is very neat. When it hits the ground,  a white light bulb inside the ball blinks for about 30 seconds. Made from non-toxic, durable thermoplastic rubber (TPR),  it has the same bounce and easy-grip nubs as the Visi-Ball. It also floats, rinses clean and is virtually indestructible. Unfortunately, Mike and Heather will still be able to lose them. Trust me, it will happen. Perhaps quickly, because when the Firefly isn’t blinking, in low light this ball looks purple-and-turquoise, and it’s harder to see than the purple-and-white one .  According to the package, it has “thousands of 30-second cycles ,” but the blinking stops after 30 seconds and then the white parts don’t look white any more. Just biting down on it with my teeth doesn’t exert enough pressure to make it blink some more.  I guess I’m still waiting for a perpetually blinking ball, or one that responds when I apply some pressure, not the ground.

Anyway, since Mike couldn’t get coordinated enough with me and his camera to get a good shot of the Firefly blinking in my mouth in the dark, here’s a video from the VisionSmart website to provide a better idea of what the ball looks like in action:


You get the idea, and so do I. Since Mike gave it to me,  I can’t get enough of chasing and gnawing on this new ball. Mike usually starts out our afternoon walks by having me chase the regular Visi-Ball, and then he switches to the blinking ball when it starts to get dark.  Not too dark, of course. When it gets too dark to see the ball when it’s not blinking, then we have to put all balls away and play “walk with me” for the rest of the way home, which is not nearly as much fun as playing ball.

So with my new ball bestowed upon me as an early Christmas gift, I have been feeling temporarily grateful towards Mike, which explains how he got me to pose for photos wearing these ridiculous antlers (although I must admit the colors make it a well-matched accessory to my own coat of black, brown and orange).  As long as we took these holiday photos, I might as well let Mike publish one of them, and I’ll use a moment  to personally wish each and every one of my loyal readers and my canine pals (whether they are able to read or not) a wonderful holiday season and a safe and prosperous New Year. Except for cats,  rabbits, raccoons or squirrels, though. Even a noted philanthropist like me has to draw the line somewhere.

On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer and Biscuits…Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night. Best wishes for 2013 and Happy Holidays from Chloë.


7 responses to “Chloë Sends Holiday Wishes

  1. Chloe Penny got you a present so you should come Sat when the humans watch that SU stuff and yell and scream and swear!!! Hope you get lots of goodies in your stocking!!!!!

  2. Susan Greenstein


  3. Susan Greenstein

    Dear Chloe,

    We did not like that you excluded cats from your holiday greetings. Since you feel that way, please send back the treats that we sent to you.

    Your former feline friends,

    Casey and Spanky

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