Chloë Plays Fetch on a Rainy Day in the Woods

Mike’s idea of fetch is to send me repeatedly on short distances to see how many times in a row I’ll bring in back. We’ve done as many as 25, 30. And other days none, depending on my mood and degree of pent-up energy.

Heather sends me on more challenging routes,  more likely to be longer and to go off course, so I have to dive into piles of leaves or vines. Heather has a powerful arm, but she’s erratic and lacks Mike’s finesse as a slow-pitch softball pitcher and Skee-Ball devotee.

Below is an example of the paces Heather puts me through. This video was shot in October on a rainy afternoon in Point Defiance Park in Tacoma. That background noise that sounds like tin foil crackling is the rain bouncing off trees. I apologize for the shaky video and botched soundtrack.  I just don’t know; I ask for Spielberg, and they send me Mike. Go figure.



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