Chloë Has a Restful Getaway

Chloë on the trail

Things have gotten so busy around home that I haven’t had time to dictate any of my thoughts to Mike. Among other things, Heather got a new car, I found a new dog friend, and I had several standoffs with the cats down the block.  I’ve got plenty to say, and I’ll fill in more details later. But I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself, which isn’t hard when  you’re as long as I am.

I certainly don’t want to neglect  the glorious time I had out at my Getaway. The weather was perfect, and my new best friend Bill Pickle stayed with us some of the time, hiking with us to two spots on the Snoqualmie River. Topping it off, Heather came home early on a Monday, and we hiked all the way to the end of the forest road beyond the Getaway, which turned out to be about an hour and a half walk each way, with plenty of hills. It was fun, but I still had enough energy to play ball on the lawn when I got back.

Maybe that’s what finally tired me out.  A teenage girl needs plenty of rest, so at the end of the day I rested a lot, in as many warm spots as I could find. Next to eating, I like sleeping best.

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4 responses to “Chloë Has a Restful Getaway

  1. Chloe,
    I love the family portrait – everybody looks so calm and focused! Sounds like you are getting in some great walks and hikes with the humans. Best step up our distance when I next come to stay. Lynn C

  2. Chloé, we bonded right off at the airport. You had to add icing to the cake by jumping into my arms at a trail rest. I will be sending you some nice doggy pinups for your teenage bedroom. Your friend from the East.

  3. Susan Greenstein

    Spanky and Casey want to hear more about your standoffs with the cats. They can’t believe you won.

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