Chloë Weighs in and Gains a Friend

It turned out to be a false alarm on the weight gain. When I returned to the vet two weeks later, the same scale registered 18.6 pounds, a drop of .4 pounds after a gain of 1.2. I lost weight, despite all the extra cheese treats I was getting because of my ear treatments? (All clear on that front, by the way). I’d say that electronic digital scale at the vet is none too accurate. Close enough for rock’n’roll, I guess.

Chloë picks up some burdocks.

Mike rewarded me for my weight loss and clean bill of health with extra treats when we went for a long walk after the vet (and my supply of Frozen Peanut Butter Boneys has thankfully continued).  I therefore rewarded Mike the very next day by chasing my blue-and-white ball into a patch of sticky burdocks.  Mike later spent a good half-hour pulling out of my coat.  Such diligence is good training for him.

The next day we took my second trip to the airport this week. The first time was to pick up Mike, but this time Mike was driving, so I was not allowed to climb up and bite his nose during the trip. Then he actually had the gall to make me stay in my bed in the back of the station wagon instead of riding shotgun. That’s not all: Soon another person threw some luggage in the back and sat down in my seat! What nerve.

Bill plays fetch with Chloë.

As soon as I sniffed his hand, however, I knew this was not just another stranger, but another kindred soul. It was Bill, Mike’s roommate when they were freshmen at Syracuse, sometime shortly after WW II (The Big One). Bill lives in Florida and is the inventor of the Perfect Pickler, so I call him Bill Pickle.

Bill and I bonded quickly. We played some tug and went on hikes around Discovery and Carkeek parks. He tried play fetch with me, too, but he didn’t throw my ball too well.  I’m sure he’ll get the hang of it eventually.

Chloë’s dish, collapsed.

And not only did Bill pay lots of attention to me, but he even brought me a present from the Pike Place Market downtown. It looks like a Frisbee, but it’s really a collapsible water bowl that we can take on my walks. This way Mike can stop using those recycled stiff plastic bags that he saves from Craisins and Charlee Bears. While I have been reluctantly using them for water, I really hate those yucky things. This bowl is much better.

Chloë gives Bill 5 stars.

I liked Bill so much as a guest that I invited him out to my Cascade foothills getaway for a couple of nights. I’m certain we’ll be having more good times out there, and he may even sneak me some salmon or steak.  Already I can safely say that Bill may have been my favorite house guest ever, which certainly lays down the gantlet for any future house guests who want to try to rank even higher on my list.

And I do keep a list, trust me.

4 responses to “Chloë Weighs in and Gains a Friend

  1. Bill – you must be a “good egg” to meet with Chloe’s approval. High standards set for sure. She sure is sweet. Her buddy – Lynn C

  2. Chloë, you proved to be a most gracious host. You even gave me a fraternal jump up into my arms while resting on a long hike. We have bonded as I always knew we would. I’m looking forward to our farewell ride to the airport.

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