Chloë Meets Whidbey

Heather and Mike actually tore themselves away from work and Syracuse football, respectively, to take me to Whidbey Island for Labor Day weekend.  As you’ll see from the wonderful slideshow I’ve assembled below, I got to do a lot of neat stuff.  I even got a little of Heather’s black licorice ice cream cone from the famed Snowgoose Produce near LaConner. Typically, I got nothing from Mike.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Notice that you saw no photos of me frolicking in the Sound? Sorry, I did no frolicking. The closest I wanted to get to waves is the line in the sand where it starts to feel wet. And seriously, we’re talking more ripples than waves here, no ocean surf. Heather thinks it’s the motion that scares me. I”m not sure what it is, but for right now, rivers and lakes are OK, but none of this tidal stuff. Too many moving parts, I guess.

However, there’s no use denying it: I am such a wuss. It’s one of my many charms.

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