Chloë Enjoys Her Staycation

Chloë works at Lynn’s office.

Needless to say, as soon as Mike and Heather left for the East, real summer finally arrived. The first few days got pretty hot. Lynn and I walked early in the morning, and later on Lynn took me to her air-conditioned office. I was shy at first, but after about an hour I decided this place was about like Heather’s office, where I rule the roost. So I started exploring the cubicles and greeting everyone I could find.

I even said hi to Lucy, the French bulldog who normally runs the office. She looked kind of scary, so I first approached her with my “commando crawl.” I just wanted to sniff her out, but she kept turning her back on me. Finally Lynn’s constant “meow, meow” in the background sunk in, and I realized Lynn  was trying to tell me Lucy is a pussy cat. Then I had her sussed, and we had no further problems. I might even like hang out with her again.

At home, plenty of stuff was going on, as usually happens when Mike and Heather leave. The new neighbors on the park side of our house have a dog, and it’s behind a fence and in a new place and, well,  it barks a lot. One day Lynn gave one of my new Visi-Balls to her, just so she’s have something to do besides bark. Her name sounds like Cleo, but she’s got some kind of weird spelling for it. She and I have communicated about this, and she can’t figure it out, either. Anyhow, all her humans ( mom,  grownup son and a guy named Ken) expressed gratitude at the wonderful new toy.  She seemed to bark a little less, too. (Maybe that was just wishful thinking.)

On the other (south) side of our house, the overgrown yard had a lot of activity while Mike and Heather were away. Workers tore out some stuff and brought in new stuff. Mostly they took out nice plants (lilacs and roses) and brought in cement (driveway) and pavers. They also cleaned up the back yard a little, even though there’s still nobody living at this residence except the raccoons in the back yard, and I’m sure they are no happier than I am about losing a little habitat than I am.

Down at the far end of our street, the corner house where Sunny and Amy once lived is for sale again, and my friend Dawn and her two Bichons, MacDuff and MacKenzie (known collectively as the Macs) got ready for their impending move to Florida. Lynn and I saw some new people check out their house, and it looks like an apricot colored dog, perhaps a labradoodle or Wheaton terrier, is part of the family. We’ll have to see if that dog can possibly hold a candle to the Macs, who were my very first friends on the block. I’ll miss those two, even though they never really warmed up to me much. I guess I’m a bit too wild for them.

Speaking of wild, we had a couple of thunderstorms with lightning during the two weeks Mike and Heather were away. One day Lynn rushed back from her office to see if I was OK, but the only electrical disturbance she encountered was when I rushed to the door and welcomed her with my sparky personality. But our weather stayed uncharacteristically unsettled for a while: The power went out briefly one morning, and there was so much electricity in the air that my hair got even curlier, if you can believe it.

But even though I really got into watching the cement truck pour concrete for the new driveway next door, I was really glad when Mike and Heather came home. I was still busy jumping up on them and licking their faces when Lynn came back to pick up some stuff she had left behind in the morning. So then I went crazy on Lynn and jumped right into her car when she opened the door to leave. If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.

On the other hand, I have recently felt a bit pent up and ready for a good game of fetch. And it’s always more fun around here when my pack is all together.

Chloë retrieves her Visi-Ball.

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