Chloë Begins Summer in Style

Chloë in the fog.

We welcomed the summer solstice out at my country getaway. Even though it was rainy and foggy a lot of the time, I was so happy to be out there that I forgave Mike for leaving the bag of Frozen PBBs (peanut butter boneys) back home in the freezer. There was so much to do out there that I could get by without licking a PBB for a few days.

Chloë surveys the foxglove.

Mike took me on a couple of long walks on the horse trails, stopping for some extended ball-chasing. I enjoyed exploring the trails and wandering through the foxglove,  tall spires of white, purple and blue rising from a sea of green ferns and salal. A little wet here and there, but that never deters me.

Mercer Slough.

As usual, we had some field trips. We took Tara on her kind of hike: Mercer Slough, with flat trails for her gimpy gait. Then we went on a ride to pick up rocks, one of Mike’s favorite shopping destinations. Mostly we just hung out and relaxed.

Tara was snitty with me, as usual, but this time I decided to assert myself when necessary. I can be properly differential most of the time, but I’m old enough now to demand a little respect. So I growled back at her once or twice, and tossed her toys around right under her nose.

Tara’s toys recover in the infirmary.

Later on, every time she tried to herd me away from her stuff, I determined that  stronger signals were needed, so I flung the toys around the living room and went after every hole in their stitching I could find. It didn’t take long until I dispatched a few of them to the stuffed toy infirmary, where they will be slowly recovering until my next visit, which I hope will be later on this summer. I can’t wait to get back there. 

That will be when I’ll try to bring the two cats in the barn into line, or at least keep them at bay. They’d better enjoy their free rein while I’m gone, because they’re really bugging me, and I simply cannot let that continue. They are now on notice.

Napping with Heather.

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