Chloë Catches Up

It’s tough to find good help nowadays. Every time I’m all set to go with new dictation to be transcribed for my blog, my alleged “editor” is skipping town again. I’m not even sure where he went this time. And then as soon as he comes back, he is knee-deep in his March Madness. Or whatever madness is happening in sports this month. Honestly. All I know is that it’s hard for me to get his attention long enough to post anything for you, my loyal readers. I apologize.

Chloë wears Mike’s hoodie while he’s away.

Lynn stayed with me while Mike and Heather were gone, and this time she took me to her office a couple of times.  There were two other dogs on the premises, both older and struggling with medical conditions. Since I was new to the scene, not to mention young and mobile, I was a hit with Lynn’s co-workers, even though I was skittish and barked at them every time they came over to see me. By the second day, when they offered me Charlee Bears along with their outstretched hands, I decided they were OK. I even ran through a few of my tricks for them. Anyway, I hope when they think of me I can make them feel a little less sad: A couple of days later,  the older of the office dogs (Rudy,  a yellow lab mix) had to be put down. From the few times I met him, I could tell he was a sweet old boy. When I saw him last week, however, I could also tell he was ready to go.

I could sense that Lynn was upset about it, so I tried to give her extra attention to help her through her sadness.  When she was computing, I jumped into her lap and rolled on my back with my legs up in the air, and she blew on my belly as I wagged my tail contentedly, a goofy, happy girl. I think she felt better.

Just wake me up before Mike and Heather return.



One response to “Chloë Catches Up

  1. Chloe – is always so entertaining (and distracting) with her sweet antics. Thanks for being such an especially good room mate during your family’s last trip. Hugs. Lynn

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