Chloë Pays Her Respects

One of my favorite places to go is the military cemetery on the far side of the park.  It’s quiet and doesn’t get much traffic, so it’s a great spot for throwing the ball.  And while I admit to sprinting through rows of gravestones in hot pursuit of a squirrel, I am always very respectful of the permanent residents.

Now, I wouldn’t bore you with a video of one of my legendary 13-retrieve fetch sessions, but this footage in this post will show you how far my skills have developed in fetching and returning. Much further developed, frankly, than Heather’s skill at throwing. Heather still gets off a real clunker now and then. When it happens (and even sometimes when her throw was OK)  I have to punish her by dropping the ball about five feet from where she’s waiting. Eventually, she’ll get it.


So a few days after this video we were near the cemetery on the Loop Trail, and  when I brought the ball back to Heather, I stopped about five feet away, dropped the ball on the ground and gave it a hard shove toward her, just as I do in the house when I’m playing with Wiffie and Mike. This time, with the heavier ball, the downhill force of my shove drove it right past Heather and into a hidden culvert on the side of the trail. So Heather lied right down on the ground and stuck a stick down into that covered sewer, hoping to find the ball, but when her effort proved futile I didn’t press it. I’m just glad she still has her arm. So I’m going to be extra good to her this week, I promise.


One response to “Chloë Pays Her Respects

  1. Has Chloe shown you her “soccer” moves, too? In the house, I’ve tossed the ball to the girl when she is in her folding chair. She will respond with a nod of head on the ball that bounces it back to me. Most of the time I can catch. All of the time she can head butt it – when she so chooses. Very talented pooch. (Glad to hear that your body parts are intact – Heather.)

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