Chloë Figures Out What’s Going On

Mike’s suitcase.

What a day, last Thursday. First the snow turned to slush. It was awful out there, cold and wet, and my feet sank through the crust and up to my chest every three steps or so. Yuck.

Then, as soon as we got back, Mike pulled out the suitcase with the orange tag.

And then I figured it out: Lynn would be coming over shortly. This has its good parts and its bad parts, of course. On the plus side, Lynn likes to cuddle and feeds me well. On the other hand, she just doesn’t toss that Wiffie like Mike does. So I decided to lay down right next to that suitcase, and see if maybe Mike would just cram me in there next to his underwear and socks.

Chloë guards Mike’s suitcase.

It didn’t work. And come to think of it, staying here with Lynn was looking mighty attractive. More so by the minute.

Within a couple of days, I realized I had made the right choice. I was having a lot of fun with Lynn, and pretty soon she was telling me Mike and Heather would be coming back in three days, then two days, then tomorrow. Hmmm. I hope that suitcase doesn’t go back into the garage for too long!


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