Chloë Survives a Snowy Week

Chloë on the Parade Grounds.

Snow was in the forecast all week, but we didn’t get much of it here until Wednesday. That’s was the first day Heather didn’t drive to work. Of course, she had to go in late one morning after she temporarily lost me in the blackberry thickets off the Bunny Trail in the South Meadow. She saw me disappear in there and three bunnies scurry out. That’s when she went back to get Mike.

While she was gone, I kind of got stuck in there and scratched my ear on a thorn. Next thing I knew I was in a bathtub full of red water , and Heather was trying to stop the bleeding and get some kind of bandage to stay on. Quite an unexpected mess I made, and I couldn’t even blame it on Mike’s carelessness.

Chloë’s bandaged ear.

Then, finally, it snowed all day Wednesday before icing over. I saw several people glide up our street and into the park on skis, but by the time we took our late afternoon walk it was changing to a freezing rain and starting to crust over a bit. Still, I had lots of fun. I got to wear my tan sweater (a birthday gift from Frank and Stanley)  and generally snowplow my way along the trails unabated. Other than kids sledding on the hills near the old church and the flagpole, there wasn’t much traffic in the park. And the best part: For some reason, today I didn’t build up snowballs on my leg feathers or between my toes. And I just hate it when that happens.

Chloë on snowy road.

When we got back from our walk, Heather got to do her favorite outdoor activity: snow shoveling. It’s something she loves and doesn’t get many chances to do anymore. While it ain’t exactly the Riviera around here in winter, it is the Riviera compared to Syracuse. Or so they tell me.

Chloë waits for Heather to finish shoveling.

Mike wasn’t allowed to shovel, because he is still recuperating from his delicate condition (or just plain lazy). So he cleaned snow off their cars with a broom. Heather jumped right in and shoveled our walk and halfway down the street, and of course all of the steps and walkways up to Claire’s front door across the street. She might have gone on to do the rest of the block  if she hadn’t started thinking about work. As soon as that happened, she hustled right back inside our house to do some!

In my humble opinion, Heather should spend less time thinking about work and more time playing with me. But it’s not going to be me who tells her.

Chloë watches Claire and Heather yak it up on Claire’s steps.

One response to “Chloë Survives a Snowy Week

  1. Hey Chloe, you will be all ready to come to Syracuse in the winter now that you have had some snow to romp in! You are very stylish in your coat! Tell Heather she does a nice job at snow shoveling. Cheer up Mike this week — loss to ND was a hard one to take! Big Nick and I and Peggy — yes, I know you have not met Lorrie and Peggy-but we are cool — are going to the West Virginia game, look for us in the stands. Take care.

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