Chloë Makes a Quick Getaway

Last Sunday morning we had no time to watch CBS Sunday Morning on TV. We were in a rush because we were supposed to be out at my Getaway near Fall City by 2 p.m. to take care of my buddy Tara and the horses for a few days. Just a brief stay,  but more than enough time to recharge my batteries in the country.

Chloë entertains two of tug toy Santa’s elves.

I was amped up from the second I got there, exploring and finding mischief to get into outside and in. I lucked out when Tara’s masters didn’t have enough time before going to the airport to get all of their holiday stuff packed away, so I had all of Tara’s special holiday toy stash to throw around the living room, tear open and spew their stuffing in all directions. In fact, I put Santa Elephant and Santa Cow up on the mantlepiece sidelines on the permanent IR (that’s Injured Reserve, for you non-NFL fans).  I was working hard chewing through the Santa tug toy, too.

Chloë on the trail at her getaway.

We also had time to take for several long walks in the nearby woods and wetlands, and I attacked each trail with abandon. Even so, I impressed both Heather and Mike with my responsiveness to their whistles and commands to come. It’s such fun to lull them into a false sense of security, and then take off after a bunny or squirrel scent that’s too irresistible to ignore.

All of us helped Tara out, despite her grumpy growliness. She’s getting old, and I can see from her limp and tenderness where she recently had a growth removed that she’s a hurting cowgirl. She walked with us the first two days, but the next day Mike let Tara go back home after she walked only 15 minutes or so.  I helped her out by showing her exactly what spots to pee on whenever we were outside together. I’m just doing my part to keep the old gal in a regular routine, so she can feel good about herself.

Despite her growls, I know Tara appreciates us coming out to stay with her. And Heather and I love being here. Heather really likes being out in the barn and supervising the horses, who unlike the people her office do what she tells them to most of the time. Mike, well he does get a little grumpy here when the bed, the desk chair and the step exerciser all conspire to make his legs and butt hurt all day and all night, but he can take it. Besides, he likes the huge TV and apparently unlimited supply of Cougar Gold cheese. Mostly, though, he comes here for the sake of Heather and me, and we thank him for it. Mike thinks he’s tough, but he’s really Mr. Softy.

Chloë poses with Mount Si in the background.

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