Chloë Sends Holiday Greetings

Coney Island Frank plays Santa.

Of course I’ve been told that ours is  a “no-gifts” household,  but several things that look a lot like gifts are piling up in front of the mantelpiece that Mike has decorated for the holidays. Something tells me most of these presents must be for me. I can smell it in the air, so to speak.

And no, it’s not pine boughs and mistletoe tickling my nose. I’ve already received some “re-gifted” items from my buddies MacDuff and MacKenzie, the two Bichons who live down our street. Apparently they got these treats from one of their dog friends, and they don’t like them, or can’t eat them for dietary reasons. Truthfully, I was so overwhelmed when I stuck my nose into the paper bag they came in to catch the whole explanation. Like I care! It’s almost too much to believe that the Macs would be giving up partial bags of Kibbles ‘n Bits AND Bacon and Cheese-flavored Beggin’ Strips—and yet, there they are, right in my pantry, waiting to be devoured (at a painfully slow pace, no doubt).

Chloë looks adoringly at her guys.

My Aunts Susie and Debby also came through with gifts, big time. I can always count on them! Luckily, they enclosed a card to make sure Mike and Heather knew which gifts were mine and which was for them (frankly, I’d get Susie’s famous homemade holiday cookies, too, but they have chocolate in them, and that’s not allowed).

I haven’t cracked the packaging on all of my aunts’ gifts yet, but I can already see they sent two varieties of rawhide chews and a colored ball made of dental floss! I can’t wait to get my gums around that ball. What a concept: Chewing something neat and improving your dental hygiene at the same time! It should come in handy after all those Beggin’ Strips.

Mike and Heather haven’t given me any presents so far, but I have a feeling something BIG is on the way.  I’ve tried to get in touch with Santa (actually my East Coast compatriot Coney Island Frank enjoys playing the part), but Mr. Claus refused to divulge anything before the big day. Mike’s not even sure it will get here by Sunday, anyway.

Chloë turns on for the holidays.

So I guess I’ll just keep looking adoringly at Mike and Heather (as above), and eventually gifts will come my way. That adoring look is just part of the reason I don’t have to give them any other gifts. I’m already the gift that keeps on giving.

Meanwhile, Heather and I have decided how we’re going to spend as much of our holiday “staycation” as possible. You’re allowed to take a peek, but don’t be making any loud noises or laughing! We don’t want to be disturbed. Just tiptoe out and accept our holiday greetings: Deck your halls with boughs of Tully, Season’s Greensteins to all, and to all a good night.

Chloë and Heather nap while awaiting Santa.

2 responses to “Chloë Sends Holiday Greetings

  1. Susan Greenstein

    Aunt Debby is very upset you did not mention that your presents were from her also. She was even the one who went out and bought them. And she went to Petco, not the Dollar Tree.

  2. I am absolutely mortified to have made that oversight. Aunty Debby, please accept my gracious thanks and humble apologies. I have updated my post accordingly.

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