Chloë Stalks New Foës

Raccoon cat glowers at Chloë.

I haven’t seen much of the Bartons’ cat lately, but that’s the least of my worries. These days I get very, very, very excited about a large kitty that I see up the street during my early-morning and late-night walks.  This cat is the same color as a raccoon and almost as large.  It’s always eyeing me, too, and the other day it actually had the gall to march down my sidewalk and right down MY DRIVEWAY. Good thing Mike was holding my leash tightly, because I gave Raccoon Cat a loud what-for. Didn’t scare it bit, though. It just sat there and stared, like he’s trying to be my friend. Fat chance. This cat really brings out the huntress in me, regardless of how many times Mike says,  “Leave it!”  That works  only as long as I’m tied up.  But one of these days…

Meanwhile, every time I go down the street that way, I take a long look towards where that kitty lives, and  I’m making sure it gets no closer than that.

Discovery Park Chapel in a gathering storm.

There’s something else that I’ve got to check out every day: the hole under the back door to the park’s deteriorating former chapel. No people are allowed inside, but that hole is getting a lot of traffic. I haven’t actually seen anything going in or out yet, but my nose tells me there’s more than one critter living in there. One day, they’re going to be mine.

Chloë sticks her head into the hole under the chapel’s back door.


2 responses to “Chloë Stalks New Foës

  1. Susan Greenstein

    Spanky and Casey told me to tell you that Racoon Cat would kick your butt. They said to make friends with him while you still have a chance.

  2. Don’t let the glowering kitty fool you. It looks like a Maine Coon, well-known as a friendly kitty. I say try to make a friend!

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