Chloë Gets a Postcard from Hawaii

Frozen PBB

Just as I suspected, Mike and Heather went off with their suitcases one morning, and Lynn came over a few hours later. I’m not really attuned to this whole “time” thing, so I’m not sure exactly how many days ago it was. But I got a Kong filled with Charlee Bears from Mike when he left and a Frozen Peanut Butter Boney (Frozen PBB) from Lynn when she got here. That’s what I call a good morning, no matter what day it was.

After that, nothing very exciting happened while M&H were gone. I sat outside in my pen on a few sunny days, played with my new green ball (“Greenie”) a lot, ate chicken that Lynn cooked for me, chased whirling autumn leaves, did a lot of sleeping. The chirping I do in my dreams seems to amuse Lynn as much as it does Mike and Heather.

One morning I heard a truck squeal to a halt outside, and thoughts of my favorite UPS man and his cookies sprung to mind.  Unfortunately, when Lynn and I raced to the door it was only a big van unloading furniture at the still-empty house next door. This false alarm wasn’t a total loss, however: Lynn gave me three cookies broken up and stuffed inside Greenie when we went back inside. It was a Halloween Trick or Treat Party for sure.

Heather in Tidal Pool

At least I know Mike and Heather were thinking about me while they were gone. There they were at a beautiful black lava beach in Hawaii, taking in the scenery, wading  in the tide pools, eating papayas, mahi mahi and blue marlin, and they still took the time to send me their special greetings. How sweet!

Greeting made with bits of white coral on black lava rock.

So on their second night home, I rewarded them for their thoughtfulness. On the way back from my afternoon walk with Mike, in full flight after my purple ball,  two rabbits crossed my path (I believe they were Blackie and Blackie Junior). I veered off my course and chased them into the blackberrry thicket near the park’s south parking lot. Since it was just about dark, the results were predictable. My leash got caught on some tough stalks, and I was stuck, oblivious to Mike’s calls, whistles and pleas. He had to call Heather (on his old-fashioned Tracfone!) to come home from work. Then he went home, got flashlights and loppers, came back in his car and started hacking away at the blackberry—after he finally heard my soft whimpering. He had just freed me and was carrying me down to the parking lot just as Heather drove up. That’s what I call great timing! She and Mike were so relieved that they didn’t even yell at me.

I guess I could have cried louder, and more often. Maybe next time—and there will be a next time.

Anyway, welcome back, Mike and Heather! I always like staying with Lynn, but there’s much more excitement when you’re around.

2 responses to “Chloë Gets a Postcard from Hawaii

  1. They say the definition of insanity is placed on someone who constantly repeats the same act looking for a different outcome. Chloe and blackberries and rescue….repeat….repeat.

    • You’re absolutely right, Bill. I am constantly trying to teach Mike the errors of his ways, and yet he never seems to learn. What a dolt (though I still love him regardless). He reminds me (and you, apparently) of that old TV electronics huckster Crazy Eddie: He’s ‘INSANE!’ He and Heather just like me to run free, as free as the wind blows…until I get stuck in the blackberry again.

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