Chloë Makes a Connection in Publishing

It was serendipity! Mike was just getting some information from Chronicle Books’ website the other day when he stumbled upon a contest: To win a copy of a new children’s book called What Puppies Do Best, all Mike had to do was write a short comment about what his puppy (er, that would be me!) does best. The answer was obvious: “What my puppy does best is blog! ” Could there be any doubt I’d win?

Chloë’s note from publisher.

When we returned from the Getaway last week , my prize was waiting here for me with the rest of the mail (plus a second package with a large biscuit from the UPS guy, even though we weren’t home when he dropped by). What’s more, Stephanie from Chronicle Books was nice enough to enclose a handwritten note to me along with my free book. I’m hopeful Stephanie will become the initial inside contact I need to get my foot in the door of the publishing world. I would like to think my words deserve a broader audience than Mike’s half-hearted stabs at publicity and promotion have been able to garner me so far. To truly succeed, it looks like I will have to assume greater personal responsibility for the marketing aspects of my career. It’s hard to find good help these days.

Chloë reads in bed.

We’ll see where this publishing contact may lead in due time. Meanwhile, I’m going to snuggle up on Mike’s side of the bed and enjoy my new book. He told me a few dachshunds appear in it, so I’m certain I’m going to like it. At the very least, it’s got be more interesting than all those dog behavioral books by Cesar Millan and Patricia McConnell that Mike and Heather usually leave next to my crate. Please, let’s not waste any more of my time (or theirs) on those wags. Remember, I’m a dachshund: It’s my party, and I’ll behave when (and if) I want to.

Rest assured, however: At all my book signings, I’ll be a good girl. Promise.

Chloë poses like a library lion.

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