Chloë Gets a Timely Gift

A big shout out to my pals in Juneau, Alaska, Max and Bob.

Max, June 2011

Bob Eyes His Ball, June 2011

We’ve never met, but we have friends in common. And we share a mutual knack of running our households while slyly allowing our peeps to think they’re the ones in charge. What a racket.

Anyway, I really liked the towel Max and Bob sent me last week.

Chloë checks out her new towel

And wouldn’t you know it, practically the day it arrived it rained all day, the first time in a long while. The towel was pressed into immediate service, and  I’m afraid it didn’t stay clean very long. It was inevitable.

Chloë’s towel after first rain of season.

We’re out at my Getaway again this weekend, and the skies above the Snoqualmie Valley are turbulent, dark and unsettled. The rains are coming to stay, and this towel is going to get a lot dirtier. Thanks, Max and Bob, for being right on top of things.