Chloë Goes Green

Mike started collecting it a couple of months ago, after coming across a list of environmentally friendly initiatives that people could do around the house. Already “Green” since birth and a dedicated recycler- composter,  Mike discovered from this list (from the Costco magazine, no less!) that dryer lint and hair that had been going into the garbage could instead be placed into his yard waste for composting. I hadn’t seen Mike that excited since Syracuse joined the ACC.

Hair today, gone tomorrow.

Now, dryer lint is one thing; I can see putting that into the yard waste. And I’m sure my Mariners fleece blankets leave behind plenty every time they get washed. But hair? I don’t know, it seems a little gross. Ever since, however, Mike’s been saving the hair he takes off my brushes and comb in a plastic container that he keeps right next to my food on the kitchen counter (don’t tell the health department, please). Personally, I think it’s kinda creepy on his part, but he’s amassed a decent amount.  In fact, there’s almost enough now that if Mike could knit, my Aunt Susie might get a holiday sweater this year.

Chloë examines Tara’s hair ball.

However, I recently discovered that my hair collection is feeble when compared to what Heather pulled out of my buddy Tara every time she brushed her while we were out at my getaway. Major clumps of hair! Since there’s no recycling out there, Heather always hauls all the empty bottles, cans and scrap paper back to Magnolia to put in our recycling, so I assume she must have taken Tara’s hair back to Seattle, too. I guess we’ll know for sure if I get a fluffy brown blanket for Christmas.

My own meager hair collection (with handfuls of those sticky burrs mixed in) is merely going out to the curb with the yard clippings,  and eventually to some hot compost pile in Snohomish County–where, coincidentally, I was born. Ain’t it funny how the circle is a wheel?

A two-month collection from Chloë.

4 responses to “Chloë Goes Green

  1. Maybe Mike should put some of that hair on his head.

  2. If you don’t mind some grey hair, I can mail mine, but then again, the fuel to get it there….. Drat!

    Chloe, as a child of an ex-New Yorker, could you wear a Yankee hat next month? Please!!!

    • Sorry, Bill. I may wear many hats throughout my career as a sports fan, but rest assured a Yankee hat will not be one of them. After all, I AM the Official Hot Dog of the Seattle Mariners, and during the off season I usually don my Orange hats. Mariners, si; Yankees, no!

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