Chloë Senses Fall Is in the Air

Discovery Park changes colors for fall.

The weather has been nothing short of stellar for the past few weeks, but even as it continues at least through this weekend I begin to see and feel the hints of change. A nip in the night air, for example, and clusters of dead leaves covering some of the park trails. The calendar still says it’s summer, but fall has already started to move in.

Two other signs: My young friends Halle and Riley came back from their summer at grandma’s house in Quebec–that means it’s almost time for school. They had to go to the doctor for shots the other day, and the shots made them a little feverish, their mom told Mike when we saw them the other day, and that’s why they didn’t come to the big Block Party the night before.

I watched most of the Block Party from my pen in the front of our house, but Heather took me over there for a while to socialize. She made me lay down and stay the whole time, which I did with no fuss. I didn’t want to create a scene with so many new neighbors around. If the new people last, they’ll find out soon enough about the real me. Actually, I was quite surprised that not one neighbor remarked how cute I am. I guess they see me often enough that they just take it for granted. It’s from the newbies that I get the most doting reactions.

Chloë on the trail.

I spent most of today outside in front.  I barked at the two white huskies who come down the street frequently, and then I barked at the guy who showed up to buy the bicycles that Mike and Heather had advertised on Craigslist. Then after dinner I barked at the kid delivering the Magnolia News to houses across the street. I am getting to be quite the guard dog.

And…oh, yeah. After my 90-minute walk I wasn’t tired enough, so I chased after Whiffie, my plastic ball, for a while. As you’ll see, that never gets old.