Chloë Gets a Portrait from an Artistic Admirer

My new kid friends, Halle and Riley, came over to the house last Thursday to bid me adieu before they hustled off to Montreal for the summer. I gave the girls a couple of barks when they arrived, but by the time they left it was all hugs and kisses. Halle even gave me a portrait (of my favorite subject, me!) that she painted on her last day of pre-school before graduation.

Portrait of Chloë by Halle, 2011.


I was so flattered that I ran inside right away and had Mike hang it up inside my crate. Now I can look at it each night as I fall asleep and dream about my friend Halle while she’s away. (Note: I’m not really dreaming about Halle every night, but I know it will make her feel really good when her mom reads that to her, as long as mom cleverly omits this last sentence!)

Chloë views Halle’s portrait of her.

Actually, I really think Halle’s artwork holds much promise. I particularly like her bold use of shape and color and images of nature (see the floral imagery on the far left), firmly in the tradition of Canada’s Group of Seven, which of course makes perfect sense when you think about Halle’s Canadian lineage. Anyway, I’m planning to get Mike to frame it for me so it doesn’t get ripped or anything before the girls get back in August. I want to hang onto it for when Halle gets famous.

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