Chloë Entertains While Mike and Heather Are Away

As soon as I saw the soft black boxes with all the zippers, I knew Mike and Heather were leaving again. For about a half an hour, I pouted and pretended to care. But the minute they left me in the kitchen with a peanut butter Kong AND a rawhide chewy, I could drop the pretense and dive right in. No doubt my buddy Lynn was coming soon, and my daily rations will be taking an upward turn. All is well. By the time Lynn arrived, I was done with the first treats, and so I greeted her with two kitchen towels in my mouth that I pulled off the oven door. I don’t want Heather thinking I’m past that kind of puppy stuff.

Chloë dances.

Lynn’s stay was fun, as usual. Some days we walked around the neighborhood before breakfast, then went back to sleep for a while, which was fine with me. One day we went off to her office, where I spent half the day.  I entertained the staff with dancing and rolling over and I tormented Lucy, the office dog, after she dared to sniff the toy Lynn brought along for me. It was just the stuffed sun Sunny, not even one of my favorites, but I wasn’t about to let a total stranger take it away from me, not even for a minute. So I distracted Lucy by repeatedly circling the bookshelf in the middle of the Lynn’s office so fast that Lucy’s ears were pinned back like she was in a wind storm.

Then Lynn gave me some of the high-end turkey that she brings to the office for Lucy (with Mike, I’m lucky if I get bologna), and I spent the rest of the day trying to sneak out of her office to hang out in the kitchen, where I knew there was more turkey. You never know when it might be turkey time.

Lynn spent the rest of the weekend spoiling me by letting me sit on her lap while she worked at the computer and stuffing my Kongs to overflowing. And Mike rations my peanut butter a lot stricter that Lynn does. On the other hand,Lynn never lets me off my leash, so I couldn’t chase any birds or dig into mole hills with her around, like I can when Mike’s in charge–or when he thinks he is, anyway.

Heather and Bob

So even though I knew full well that while they were away they were hiking and playing fetch with other dogs (my buddies Max and Bob in Juneau, so it was sort of OK), I did miss them. As soon as I heard Heather’s car pull up on Monday evening, I ran to the front door, and when she opened it I jumped all over her and then ran to the street to bowl over Mike, who was crouching to pick up his suitcase.

Chloë with one ear up and one ear down.

So I guess being on vacation is OK, but mark my words: I like it better when the whole pack is together.

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