Chloë Tries Out a New Ball and Likes It

Chloë gnaws blue ball.

Among the many bouncy blue balls Mike dug out of the closet, none has held up to my jaws of death. Super Glue didn’t prove to be much of a remedy, either. The beige racquet ball that I stole from Tara at my getaway house was OK, until I lost it at the military cemetery. Mike took his eye off it for an instant, and it must have skipped over the low stone wall into a thicket of ivy and stinging nettle. No way anybody’s finding it. Charlie Kolsky, one of my loyal readers, has volunteered to send me a box of racquet balls he said wear out for using after only a few games. Well, I look forward to getting them, but I’m willing to bet none will withstand the test of teeth.

Chloë’s new purple and white ball.

However, one night Heather brought this ball home, and I liked it right away. It’s a little bit bigger than the bouncy blue ball, but it has tiny bumps on its surface that are easy to grip. And it’s hard, very hard. Unless the outer rubbery layer starts to peel, it might be indestructible, even for me.

The colors–purple and white–didn’t do much for me, however. My collar is also purple, and I don’t want people to start thinking I’m a Husky. Let me state unequivocably, that is not the case. One look at me in my Orange blankey should make it clear this dachshund is an Orange through and through–but lest there be any lingering doubt, I have instructed Mike to procure an orange collar for me when he’s back on Marshall Street this summer.

Chloë goes Orange.

A week or so after I got the ball, Mike looked at the package, and he found out the colors on the ball have a purpose: “Are dogs colorblind?,” the VisionSmart Original Fetch and Play Ball package says. “A major university study concludes dogs see certain colors. In over 4,000 clinical trials, happy subject dogs picked the correct colored target panel with amazing accuracy. The results indicated brightly colored purple and white objects are highly visible to dogs, and ‘pop’ against the background. Your dog will see the difference.”

So this new ball has been working out so far. The grasses and ground covers  in the park are so high that Mike has almost lost it a couple of times, but I can usually find it and point him to it, as long as I don’t carry it too far away in grass so high that Mike can’t see me, let alone the ball. At any rate, the same ball has been around for nine days consecutively without any gnawing. In my world, that already makes it a world-record holder. Let the games continue.


The only danger with this ball is that I keep getting whacked with it. It doesn’t bounce off softly like a blue ball, it bounces off like an anvil.  Mike has already bonked me good a couple of times, so if you start seeing welts all over my sides, you’ll know Mike isn’t kicking me, the purple and white ball is. It’s darn dangerous when it’s in the air, but it rolls forever once it hits the ground. I think I’m going to try to keep it around a while.

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