Chloë Takes a Walk in the Park


Chloë guards her front walkway.

Now that the weather has finally gotten warmer, I like to hang out in my pen in front of the house during the day. It’s a lot more exciting outside then in Mike’s office, that’s for sure. While Mike just keeps staring at that computer screen and typing all day, I am outside, guarding the house and watching everything that goes on at the park entrance up the block and the house renovations next door. If my buddy from UPS drives down the block, I am positioned for an easy treat toss. Sometimes other dogs pass on their walks, and I bark to let them know I’d like some attention.

Late in the afternoon Mike comes out, slips the harness over my head, and accompanies me on a long walk. We go to Discovery Park most of the time, but Mike makes sure we take a different route every day. Sometimes I get to choose, which is big of Mike, dontcha think? I mean, it is MY walk, right?

Chloë with blue ball.

When nobody’s around, Mike lets me chase after the bouncy blue balls, which is my favorite part of the walk. Mike, however, likes it best when I’m just walking alongside with him at a steady clip, which I can do fine when I want to.  Just walking the trails is OK; in fact, the warmer weather had made the park’s woods, beaches and meadows swell with new growth, so every day there’s new stuff to sniff. The trails are alive, and I’m digging it. I can’t wait for all the different kinds of grasses to flower later this month.

Chloë on the Trail

By the time Mike and I are done, we’ve covered several miles in an hour or so. Sometimes I still have so much energy that even after hiking I want to play a bit of tug of war or fetch before dinner. Recently, however,  I’ve been looking forward to a cocktail…

Chloë relaxes with a drink.

a snack,

Chloë keeps her eyes on her prize.

and maybe a nap before dinner.

Chloë naps in her blue bed.

I guess that means I’m growing up.

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