Chloë Adopts an Area

Scotch Broom: Public Enemy #1

Nearly every weekend, Mike and Heather take me to Discovery Park while they grunt and groan for three or four hours, chopping and pulling from the ground two varieties of invasive, nasty plants called Himalayan blackberry and Scotch broom. They’re not silly enough to think they can eradicate it, even in the relatively small area to which they were assigned in the park’s Adopt an Area volunteer program. Like LeBron James, you can’t stop it, you can only hope to contain it.

A pile of cut broom: Clean sweep.

Nevertheless, they and another volunteer named Gary (a nice guy!) continue to whack away. Last weekend, Heather was lopping and Mike was yanking, and pretty soon they had a pretty good pile of the stuff.

In our recent sessions, I’ve begun to do my part. Heather ties me up to a gigantic Scotch broom, and I immediately start digging for the tap root.  Believe me, when I’m done with my hole, it’s so deep that no stinking Scotch broom is coming back to my area, dammit.

Of course, even after all our efforts, there’s plenty of it left in the park, as you can see from the photo below.

Field of Scotch Broom in Discovery Park

That’s why this week I decided to get the park’s real maintenance crew up there to move our campaign along a bit faster. Using some industrial-sized equipment, they mowed a field of Scotch broom that might have taken Mike, Heather, Gary and a pack of volunteers years to cut back–decades, even (its seeds are supposed to survive in soil for 60 years!). We’ll still be back there this weekend to continue our efforts, of course, but at least now we’ll have a little more time for fun after we do a couple of hours of lopping and pulling. Scotch broom never rests, but dachshunds do.

Chloë prepares to chase her blue ball in freshly mowed meadow.

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