Chloë Plugs a Book and Releases Her Business Card

Log Home Secrets of Success

Mike’s good friend Roland Sweet asked him if I would blog about his new book,  Log Home Secrets of Success: An Insider’s Guide to Making Your Dream Home a Reality (PixyJack Press). Although I’ve never met Roland, Mike has told me on numerous occasions that he and his wife Theo are dedicated dog owners and all-around good guys. So what the hey? I can be magnanimous and throw the guy some cyber-ink.  I’m telling any dog lovers in my vast readership who may be dreaming about living in a log home that Roland’s book takes you from the dream to actually building and living comfortably in one.  It’s an invaluable resource, filled with photos, practical advice from log-home owners and a useful index.

Bella, Ollie with X-ray vision and Roland.

Roland, of course, is perhaps better known as a chronicler of human folly in a weekly syndicated newspaper column. Sometimes he even instigates some of this folly on his own. In any case, Mike has assured me that when Roland and Theo next come to Seattle, they will be bringing me some genuine Appalachian Mountain beef jerky–purported to be the best in all the Confederacy–in return for my personal endorsement of his book. Please buy it,  so my graft will arrive that much sooner. I’m looking forward to commiserating in person with Roland, one author to another.

In the meantime, I sent him one of my spiffy new business cards (see below) so he remembers to keep in touch.

Chloë’s new business card.

My publicist just happened to have dropped off plenty of them the other day, so if any of my loyal readers wants one (or more!), send me an email with your street address to Listen, everybody knows content’s important, but ultimately it’s all about promotion, dog.

6 responses to “Chloë Plugs a Book and Releases Her Business Card

  1. Hoi Cloe (sorry can’t find the umlaut on my computer),

    Just love to read about you, puts a smile on my face each time I receive and read your diary 🙂

    Cuddles for you and those two humans you live with!!
    xxx Irma

    • Thanks for writing! I am so flattered to have readers in Europe. Unfortunately, English is the only language I can communicate in…sorta, anyway. You’d think I’d know a little more German past dachshund.

  2. Dear Chloe – I was thinking about getting a wiener dog roommate and people have advised me against it. What are your thoughts?

    • I started to write you a reply, but I decided to answer you in a full post that I’ll get up on the blog shortly. Thanks for asking!

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