Chloë Welcomes the New Year

Yikes, can it be January already? The holiday season just flew by. I enjoyed lots of gifts, several play dates, ample supplies of rich food. Why can’t it be like this year-round?

Yes, the holiday eats were splendid, but even better was having Heather work at home for a week. She was typing away at the dining room table every day, of course, but I could sit right next to her in my red camp chair, and she is much more liberal with those peanut butter-filled marrow bones than Mike is. Mike, alas, is still a work in progress.

Chloë keeps an eye on her new blanket, fox tail and Kong.

And despite living in a “no-gifts” household, I did OK for myself this year, even if that stuffed hot dog that Aunt Susie sent bit the dust. During December I raked in an incredibly soft orange blanket (excellent for watching Syracuse win the Pinstripe Bowl), a Kong that dispenses food through a little keyhole when I knock it on its side, and the surprise reappearance of Foxy’s tail (which I have always considered my favorite part of Mr. Foxy). I also got a Quiet Spot Pet Tag Silencer from Mike and Heather, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Not only does my QSPTS keep my tags from wearing down so the type on them can’t be read, but it silences me when I’m in pursuit of birds and rabbits, like a furry  stealth bomber. Plus, the purple QSPTS matches my collar so it’s very stylish; (for some reason) mine also seems to glow in the dark. Check out the photo!

Chloë displays her glowing tag silencer.

Then I had some holiday season play sessions. I hiked in Discovery Park with my bros Frank and Stanley (and they brought a friend, a mini dachshund named Valerie), visited a Havanese named Kiki with my friend and sometime sitter Lynn, and enjoyed several impromptu romps during our morning walk on the park Parade Ground (although if ever questioned by authorities, I will steadfastly deny it, of course).

I really liked going over to Kiki’s house with Lynn. Kiki is a 1-year-old white Havanese whose body is about five pounds lighter and four inches shorter than I am–not counting our tails. She may be a little taller than I am, which accounts for her being a little quicker, but I am much more strategic than she is. I can hide or crouch down behind something, or chase her in circles to gain the upper paw. But I give Kiki credit; she wasn’t as well versed in play as I am, but she quickly caught onto my techniques and evem tried a  few tricks herself. (I played along, to give the kid a break.) I let her be the alpha dog some of the time, to be polite. But really, when it comes right down to it, both of us know who’s in charge.

Oh well, I guess the holidays have to end sometime. If it were like this every day, well, then we couldn’t treat them like holidays.

Besides, if we don’t get those colored holiday lights and cards off the mantel by tomorrow morning, Aunt Susie is liable to have the Light Brigade knocking on the door by noon.

One response to “Chloë Welcomes the New Year

  1. Aunt Susie regrets to report that the Xmas tree in her living room is still lit on 1/3/11. She did not turn it on.
    Chloe, tell those cheapo parents of yours to get you a nice coat like your bros have.

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