Chloë Remininsces About Her First Summer

My first summer couldn’t have been more perfect.  I learned so many things. I saw so many places. The only thing that I had been looking forward to but missed: the drive-in movie.  I’m dying to see those cheesy ads for tasty morsels at the snack bar.

Olympic Mountains

It was a beautiful evening, no doubt one of the last nice ones before “the Rains” come. After my evening walk and dinner, I was feeling kinda nostalgic, so I had Mike pull my blue canvas chair up close to the computer and take me on a slide show of summer highlights.

Chloë and Mike review summer photos.

I made many new friends. There were the horses and cats out at my getaway, and many dogs in my neighborhood. Everybody seems to know my name, and they stop to say hello when I’m in front of the house in my excercise pen (quite the misnomer, I use it for sleeping in the sun and keeping watch on the street, not exercise).

Debby and Susie with Chloë and Tara

Let’s see, what else? My aunts Susie, Debby and Annabelle visited me while we were out at my getaway. When we got back, we had new mailman, Kyle; friendly enough, but so far not one treat. When he tripped over a flower pot on the front steps, all I could say was “Whoops.”

Learning to swim was fun. Still, I was not quite ready to tackle Puget Sound.

Chloë learns to swim.

Low tide on the Sound

I got together a few times with my brothers Frank and Stanley (the boys are much bigger, but I’m much faster!). I also had a ball frolicking on the lawn at the Kubota Garden all by myself. Many thanks to Nick Mazza for appearing in my video without charging a performance fee. What a guy, even if he did get a bit obnoxious when Syracuse lost (who can blame him?).

I also had a great time when Mike and Heather went on vacation and left me home with my sitter Lynn. Unfortunately, Lynn didn’t snap any photos of the wild treat parties we had. When M & H returned, so did my exercise regimen and training table routine. That’s why I look forward to many more vacations with Lynne.

Rat Patrol: One shining moment.

All in all, my summer was great, but there’s no doubt what the absolute highlight was: Killing the rat with Heather. Since then, I have been in dogged pursuit of any number of rabbits, squirrels, crows and other birds, Mittens the cat from down the street, many tree leaves and various joggers and bicyclists.   I haven’t been able to catch a damn thing. As they say at Safeco Field, wait ’til next year (or maybe the one after).

A Seattle girl!

Yes, summer’s gone. My coat got longer and thicker, I’ve started to walk on leash a lot better, I got bones from Bill the Butcher, and I even gained a few pounds. But oh, so much more.

One response to “Chloë Remininsces About Her First Summer

  1. Lynn, the sitter, looks forward to more opportunities to learn the ways of little Miss Chloe. Next time Mike and Heather travel – maybe the girl and I can schedule a play-date or two with the bros. Cheers. Lynn C

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