Chloë Becomes a Sports Fan

Really, what else would you expect? With a former champion of the TV trivia show Sports Nuts (hosted by Monday Night Football announcer Mike Tirico!) as my owner, hour upon hour of curling up in front of the ol’ flat screen is no doubt in my future. And that’s fine, as long as they turn on the fireplace, give me a soft blanket and drop a lot of snack food on the rug.

Syracuse-UW Football Pre-Game Festivities

But you gotta start sometime, so I guess the weekend of the Syracuse-Washington football game was it for me. Lots of people, most wearing orange garb, came in and out, leaving lots of chips on the floor. Even a little dip here and there. Even though Syracuse lost, everybody seemed to have a great time. I know I did! Mike already told me that things get even better during basketball season, and it is just around the corner.

Chloë and a disgruntled fan display Seattle Mariners logo blanket.

Not nearly as much fun these days: the Seattle Mariners. Mike told Heather that he’s used to rooting for losers, but his patience is wearing thin. And that’s OK with me, too. If they give up on the Mariners, I’ll get the blankets. Until they got these blankets last week (the only highlight of the season, Mike said), they were using the blankets that had “Sonics” on them. Now I have them for my very own.  I don’t even know what sport these Sonics play. But what do I care? I may not know much about the sports world (and how many people does Mike know who would admit that?), but in my world, fleece is fleece.

Chloë catches some zzzzs on her Sonics blanket: Fleece is fleece.

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