Chloë Discovers Life’s Ups and Downs

Yikes! What’s going on today? Mike is packing a suitcase…Heather is packing all my toys, beds, crate, treats in the back of her car…what the…?

Oh, I get it. Nick Mazza has arrived for the big Syracuse-Washington football game, and Mike is taking Nick down to the old Columbia River to see some historic Lewis and Clark sites. Whoever they are.

So I’m going to have to go to WORK with Heather! Oh, boy. This is gonna be GOOD. Lots of oogling, lots of treats, lots of FUN.

I have been to Heather’s office once before. It was OK, but kind of scary, too…they made me get into this little room that went up and down. Here’s what happened:

Chloë waits for the elevator at Heather’s office.

Chloë is startled when elevator door opens.

Chloë reluctantly gets aboard the elevator.

Chloë settles down and waits.

Yikes! Chloë sprints for the door, thinking get me outta here!

Today should be even more exciting. I hope Heather can figure out how to use the camera Mike gave her to record the historic day.

More importantly, I hope Mike left good instructions on how to prepare my dinner. Oy vey.

2 responses to “Chloë Discovers Life’s Ups and Downs

  1. I don’t like elevators either – they scare me.

  2. Chloe, thank you so much for sponsoring Nick for a week! Please let him clean up a poop or two because he misses that part of having a dog. Jump up on the bed when he is sleeping and give him a big wet one, then he won’t miss being home. I hope he doesn’t bore you too much with his football chatter. xxoo…Lorrie Mazza, Big Nick’s significant other.

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